Tori Bowie of the United States is the 2017 Women’s 100m dash World Champion! She surpassed her opposition clocking a time of 10.86 to Cote d’Ivoire Marie-Josee Ta Lou’s 10.86. With a lean at the torso, Bowie’s finish is a reminder for every track runner out there to, “ALWAYS LEAN AT THE FINISH……DIVE IF YOU MUST!”

Noteable contenders, Dafne Schippers & Elaine Thompson fell short this final. Shippers clocked in a Bronze winning time of 10.96 while Thompson came in fifth behind Murielle Ahoure’s fourth place time of 10.98.

This final was definitely one for the books and shows the class of speed coming from our Speed Queens!

Check out IAAF 2017 World Championships Results Here.