Our Mission is Trifold!

Sisterhood. We provide direct interaction with world-class athletes and coaches as a tool for mentorship and encourage friendships and community among girls.

Empowerment. Using our core values, we provide interactive programming to build confidence and the ability to fully embrace your authenticity, while providing educational tools.

Track and Field. Our mission is to equip girls with the resources and tools to be able to participate in a sport proven to have health, academic, and social benefits for girls. 


Authenticity is the core of our organization. Fully embrace who you are and have the confidence to express yourself.  Your unique qualities are your superpowers! 

TrackGirlz always show up ready for the challenge. Dare to Believe! 

Through wins and losses, ups and downs, when it’s time to perform, TrackGirlz have the ability to handle pressure and face the hard work. 

We have a goal to build the sport and empower the track and field sisterhood of future leaders.

Mediocrity is not an option. TrackGirlz live by a Gold Standard and strive for excellence both on and off the field of play.