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Our DreamBuildHER track and field girls empowerment program is a curriculum designed to support the physical, mental, and social development of middle and high school girls.

Led by female mentors as positive role models, activities address healthy behaviors, diversity and inclusion, higher education, leadership, social impact, and self-esteem while using our core values as a program pathway to build a plan towards identified goals. Third parties can facilitate private programs, camps and events using this curriculum as a program guide.


How to Use

Each lesson plan features activities in each of our core programming pillars: Sisterhood, Empowerment, and Track and Field.

Lesson Format (90 min)

  • Sisterhood Spotlight: A community-building exercise where girls hear motivating stories of trailblazing women in track and field and hold a discussion based on the TrackGirlz Core Value of the Week. (10 min)
  • Empowerment Activity: Working sessions highlighting issues adolescent girls may face based on the TrackGirlz Core Value of the Week. (20 min)
  • Tracktivity: Beginner-to-intermediate track and field workouts to develop foundational strength, power, and speed in the form of running, throwing, and jumping. Participants are encouraged to run on any accessible surface, including grass fields, gym floors, roads, treadmills, or indoor and outdoor tracks. No equipment is necessary. This section also includes “FuelHER” nutrition and recovery guidance to support the physical activity. (30 min)
  • “This Week”: Reflection on the week as it pertains to lesson topics or a self-care activity. Parent involvement and discussion is encouraged.

Through this curriculum, girls will learn personal development tools that support their mental and physical wellbeing, providing a lifetime of health and wellness. Designed for girls ages 13-18, the curriculum includes:

Through this curriculum girls will learn personal development tools that support their mental, physical, and social wellbeing, encouraging a lifetime of health and wellness. For the best program outcomes, we encourage you to follow thee below identified program delivery guidelines:

  • 8 lessons, to be facilitated once or twice per week.
  • Content that covers a wide range of relative topics for adolescent girls, including some topics that may be difficult for girls to discuss.
  • Examples of women in track and field who have contributed to sport, culture, and history throughout the years in each lesson.

The curriculum is most effective when it follows these program delivery guidelines:

  • Focus on creating a safe space where the girls feel comfortable sharing their experiences.
  • Emphasize TrackGirlz core values—authenticity, vision, boldness, excellence, poise, resilience, and unity—identifying a TrackGirlz Core Value of the Week each week.
  • Foster sisterhood by encouraging the girls to support one another rather than fall prey to comparison and competition.
  • Further promote educational, community, and athletic opportunities for young women.
  • Come prepared to the lesson dressed appropriately to complete the workout portion.
  • Identify goals and develop tangible pathways to achieving them in the form of vision boards and journaling.
  • Keep track of lesson plan activities and progress toward goals.

Expert Designed Curriculum

Designed by Olympian, Mechelle Freeman & Wellness Coach, Jennifer Forrester, we developed a curriculum using the TrackGirlz core values to equip girls with the methods and tools to turn their biggest dreams into an action plan.


Weekly lessons include Run, Jump, and Throw workouts that are designed to help develop strength, speed & conditioning, and explosive power.

Community & Educational Tools

We aim to provide fun, supportive, and safe environments that will foster relationship building through mentorship and friendships, while learning about different inspirational track and field women through the years.

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