As an athlete, finding balance between work, life, and athletic goals is a constant challenge. Whether you’re a student athlete or a professional, it’s a daily task to find the time and to create balance for every aspect in your life.

We hope you enjoy this special letter written by TrackGirlz ambassador Faith Robinson, track and field athlete from St. Louis Park, Minnesota, as she shares her insight on how, “Balance is Key.”

Dear readers,

What I have learned from being an athlete is that our lives are very busy. We strive to be the best on on the track or in the field as well as in other aspects of our lives. Whether that is being the best mom, student, or spouse, we have that competitive drive within us to be the best at that we do. As many of you know it takes a lot of energy, hard work and dedication to be the best.  We want to be strong and committed to the sport that we love, but sometimes that can tire us out.

Through all of the struggles and stresses that life brings us it is most important to find balance. Most of you have probably been told that ‘balance is key’ and I would agree with that. Whether it is finding time to relax, making more time for a new habit or hobby, or even getting enough sleep. Balance is a key aspect in the lives of not only athletes, but people in general. We all have carefully consider what we take on so that we don’t overwork our mind and our bodies. If not, exhaustion will eventually spread into our lives whether that be in the classroom, in the house, into a relationship, or on the track.

So now my challenge for you, reader, is to find the areas of your life where balance may not be found. I challenge you to balance out your schedule. For example, don’t schedule an hour of lifting after a 3 hour practice. Find time to relax and take a break from the stresses of life. Try to set aside 30 minutes to an hour of time a day where you can recover. Getting enough sleep is where I struggle in balancing my life. I would recommend setting an alarm at a certain time at night that will alert you to go to bed to ensure that you get at a good night’s rest that will prepare you for the next day.  Understand that it’s not always about doing everything in life, but enjoying the things that you do in life.

-TrackGirlz ambassador

(Faith Robinson)