Not Even a Track Girl!

“Even though I embrace who I am and I’m not ashamed of being all woman but also being strong, I’m insecure about my waist area. I would love to have a little bit more curves. I’ve been an athlete my whole life and I’ve always had an athletic build. I was pretty muscular even before I started lifting weights, so my body was always different from the other girls. In high school, for instance, I never really got boobs, and I was teased for looking like a boy.” – Natasha Hastings, Track & Field Olympic Gold Medalist.

Natasha is just one of many women who has experienced the struggle of body shaming and an inner battle to look perfect.  But only if we could learn to embrace others exactly as they are and embrace ourselves exactly as we are. And embrace how we were made to be able to look and feel confident and be the radiant women we were made to be. In a time where the perfect selfie validates your self worth and gains more followers, we are fighting an uphill battle on the emphasis put on looking perfect.  However, there is hope!  Hearing stories from elite athletes, such as Natasha, who you would think would feel great about every part of her fit body, puts “perfect” into perspective and encourages women and girls to realize their bodies were made perfect for the purposes they were meant to achieve in life.

Read her full interview here.  Watch more on Natasha’s POV on how to deal with body shaming along with other elite athletes here: