We sat down with Morgan Goodwin, Georgia native and University of Texas Track and Field alumni to hear her story on life, love, and track and field.

Morgan began running track at the age of 8 and quickly began to dominate the sport running with her local track club at USA Track and Field and AAU Junior Olympic track meets. She specialized in short sprints competing in the 4×100 meter relay, the 100 meters, 200 meters, and occasionally the 4×400 meter relay, until she found her true niche in the 100 meter hurdles. Her first year starting the event in high school, she was the state champion.

A scholarship athlete for UT, her college career was extremely accomplishing. She won many titles as the Big 12 Hurdle Champion, qualified for the indoor and outdoor national championships in the 100 meter hurdles and 60 meter hurdles, was a 9-time All-American in the hurdles, and had the chance to compete in the most recent Olympic Trials. Not only was her track career full of sparks, she also met the love of her life as a freshman in college and they’ve been going strong ever since. Her husband, Marquise Goodwin, is a 2012 Olympian and NFL wide receiver.

Marquise has three things that are most important to him: family, money and time. He currently plays for the San Francisco 49ers. Before getting drafted to the NFL, Marquise had an astonishing career as a track athlete. He still holds the record at his high school in the long jump and was a multi-sport scholarship athlete in college, playing football and running track during the off season. Marquise won two national championships in the long jump and competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Needless to say, these two are quite the athletes!

Morgan and Marquise have been together for almost six years. Marquise proposed in March of 2014 at Mount Bonnell in Austin, Texas where he bought her 115 roses to symbolize the 115 weeks they had been dating. They recently got married in February of 2016 and the lovely couple are expecting a baby in April of next year.

Read more about Morgan below as she talks about her love life and her experience as a Track Girl.

What does a “Track Girl” mean to you and describe the “Track Girl” culture.

Being a Track Girl describes how being involved in the sport of track and field is a part of who you are. Sports in general teaches you discipline, time management, scheduling, and how to be responsible. Being a track girl, I learned responsibility at an early age and discipline.

“Its empowering and makes you feel like a woman.”

You can be creative and self-expressive in track and field. I was known as the girl who wore big bows.

The culture is inspiring and you can be around great athletes. It’s also uplifting because of the opportunities, such as being able to travel and see how other cultures operate.  It’s diverse, motivating, and challenges you to learn how to push your limits.

Who is your favorite track girl?

I loved Gail Devers growing up. She was a hurdler and sprinter just like me. I also loved how she wore super long nails and I loved how she was short just like me! I was also in awe with Allyson Felix. She’s so classy and she carries herself so well.

Do you believe that sports was something that created a big connection between you and Marquise when you first met?

Our biggest connections were outside connections that have nothing to do with sports, but dating someone that understands the demands of an athlete is important. We talked about life, love and kids; funny things that happened during school.  We have a strong spiritual foundation and always send each other motivational scriptures.

How have you two been able to use love as your strength for success?

Love is everything. It’s something that we have that is secure and motivational. My husband is a superhuman. He can do anything. Love has been one of the main motivations that we have together that keeps us so strong. We are better together then we are apart.

What are your biggest battles as an NFL wife and how do you handle them? What do you enjoy?

Injuries. Having him come home injured and seeing him injured is hard.  I just want to make sure he stays strong. He has had concussions, broken ribs twice in 2015, broken hand, and even busted his thumb open. The good side is the touchdowns and game wins. They are my favorite. Every time they have a game it is the best experience. Seeing him dancing and showing out and watching him play the sport he loves is what I enjoy.

You just announced you guys are having a baby! What is your vision for your future in and out of the sport of track?

My first year after graduating in 2015, I trained for the 2016 Olympics and made it to Olympic Trials. After Trials, I moved to Buffalo, NY to support my husband in his last year with the Buffalo Bills. I started training for the 2017 World Championship trials in January, but my season ended early because of an injury, and now I am pregnant! Right now, I am getting my masters in strategic communications at Liberty University. I graduate in December and the only think I can think about now is bringing a child into this world. In the far future, I plan on using my public relations and strategic communication degree to start a nonprofit organization to help those in need. I am still unsure on if I want to take my nonprofit organization to Africa or stay in the States, but I would like to feed and clothe children, teens, and less fortunate families.

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