Super grateful to be able to share the TrackGirlz story as we prepare to lead a track and field inspired workout this weekend with Virgin Sport and the San Francisco community. #TrackGirlz

How and why did you start TrackGirlz?

I’ve been called a “Track Girl” since I started in the sport at age 14.

I started TrackGirlz in 2015 when I realized the powerful influence of the talented and successful women and girls in the sport was being overlooked.

I wanted to start a brand that provided sport specific female role models while also creating ways to develop talent and share the authentic “Fast, Fit & Fly” Track Girl culture. We promote confidence, community, and healthy lifestyles through our fitness events, leaderships camps, and athletic leisure apparel to empower communities while helping to create and maintain exposure for track girls on a daily basis. And if you don’t run, jump, or throw, don’t worry, you can always channel your “Inner Track Girl”. We want all women and girls to know the power of track girls around the world and the opportunities in the sport that leads to long-term success.

Yes! We love it. How can people get involved?

You can support our movement by going to to shop our apparel, join us at one of our fitness events, sign up a girl to attend one of our leadership camps, or subscribe to our blog. You can also book us to motivate school or corporate audiences with one of our speaking or fitness workshops for youth and adults where we share our motivating experiences within the sport and track and field inspired workouts and activities. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook @Trackgirlz to keep track of all that we do.

We can’t wait for the event on August 26th with TrackGirlz. What are your other current projects that you’re working on?

TrackGirlz currently has some great momentum with the projects we are putting together. We just received a $25,000 grant through a partnership between the Andre Agassi Foundation For Education and the Africa For Hope Foundation for the underwriting of our camp programs.

We are heading to Johannesburg, South Africa in September to offer a TrackGirlz Leadership Camp to the young women there and will offer a few stops in the U.S for girls across the country beginning this fall in New York City, along with Olympic Gold Medalist, Natasha Hastings.