Known as the “bad girl” of Track and Field, LoLo Jones goes on to prove that she is still a force to reckon with on the track. People often relate to the sport of Track and Field only through the Olympic Games and whether or not you come away with a medal. But it is more to the story than the hardware. It’s the journey. It’s the blood, sweat, and tears put into the sport that no one sees. That is what counts.

LoLo has made two consecutive Summer Olympic teams and one Winter Olympic team, unable to come away with any medals, although the favorite to win Gold at times. She has withstood the negative comments of onlookers, even being called a failure, at her lack of hardware. Let’s be clear – NO ONE who is an Olympian is a failure. I salute LoLo for her dedication to continue to bounce back and press forward when no one is looking and even when all eyes are on her expected her to fail. Continue to be an example of pure grit and determination. Not saying she isn’t snarky! But she sure is no one’s failure! See her latest interview on her plans to make her fourth Olympic team this summer: