Since its inception in 1987 co-founded by Women’s Sports Foundation, NGWSD has been a beacon of empowerment, highlighting the remarkable accomplishments of women in sports and advocating for gender equality on and off the track and field. From community-based events to recognizing outstanding athletes, NGWSD shines a spotlight on the resilience, determination, and talent of females.

Little girl running in a TrackGirlz shirt

At TrackGirlz, we’re passionate about empowering girls through sports. Our mission is to break down barriers and create a supportive environment where young women can thrive and excel. As we commemorate the achievements of female athletes past and present, TrackGirlz is at the forefront of efforts to ensure that girls have equal access to opportunities and resources in the world of athletics.

Did you know that girls receive 1.2 million fewer high school sports opportunities than boys? Here at TrackGirlz, we’re dedicated to changing this disparity. Through initiatives like our upcoming sports performance workshop, we’re empowering girls to become strong, confident leaders in their communities.

TrackGirlz Sport Performance Workshop Flyer

The workshop includes sessions led by Mechelle on fundamental movements for enhancing speed and explosive power, basketball skills development facilitated by the Dallas Mavericks GEM program, and insights into recovery and nutrition guided by Taylor Morrison, a certified sports dietitian from Scottish Rite for Children’s Hospital.

This NGWSD, let’s celebrate the achievements of female athletes everywhere and reaffirm our commitment to advancing equality in sports. Together, with TrackGirlz leading the charge, we can create a future where every girl has the opportunity to participate, compete, and succeed. We are all about girls in sports being empowered and guided by women in sport.