TrackGirlz, a women’s empowerment nonprofit founded by Olympic Sprinter Mechelle Lewis Freeman, empowers through track and field with workshops, grants, and mentorship from accomplished women in the community. TrackGirlz wants all girls to have equal access to safe, fun, enriching physical activity for their minds and bodies to flourish, which is why we  are super excited to announce that our winter workshop is now just a month away!

Taking place on February 24th at the AP Ranch in Fort Worth, Texas, the TrackGirlz Sports Performance Workshop will provide mental, physical, and social development tools for middle and high school girls led by Freeman, 2024 Team USA Olympic Coach. As part of the workshop, attendees will enjoy a day of sisterhood, empowerment, track & field, and basketball, hearing from experts in performance, recovery, nutrition, and mindset.

We are incredibly grateful to be partnering with some amazing programs and organisations through this workshop. Keep reading to find out more!

Girl stands with her arms out at a previous workshop

Dallas Mavericks GEM

Dallas Mavericks GEM (Girls Empowered by the Mavericks) is a program, designed for girls aged 9-14, that strives to actively engage, inspire, and empower young females in their continuous growth and achievement. Throughout the program, girls learn to appreciate their entire selves, uncover and nurture their inherent strengths, and receive the necessary support to effectively navigate any challenges they may encounter. Dallas GEM is our program partner, and at the TrackGirlz Spring Workshop, they will lead the basketball skills development portion of the day!

Mavs GEM Summer Hoop Camp with Javale McGee at Duncanville Highschool on July 21, 2023.

Athletic Performance Ranch

We are proud to say that AP Ranch is our venue partner and will be hosting our workshop. Their mission is to create well-rounded student-athletes, recognizing that the conventional approach to success often leaves many youth, particularly those of ethnic backgrounds of low socio-economic status with limited resources, falling through the cracks. They emphasise providing choices and individual relationships with caring adults, fostering a positive peer culture, and acknowledging the crucial role of community-based organisations in supporting academic and athletic success.

Basketball court at the AP Ranch.

Women’s Sports Foundation

The Women’s Sports Foundation is dedicated to empowering girls and women to achieve their full potential in both sports and life. They advocate for the belief that everyone, regardless of identity or background, deserves the opportunity to engage in physical activity and play. TrackGirlz proudly partners with the Women’s Sports Foundation as a 2023-2024 Community Sports 4 Life Program Partner, working together to improve access and opportunities for underserved girls. This collaboration seeks to provide these girls with the essential benefits that sports offer, including confidence, self-esteem, perseverance, and leadership skills

Four girls are arm in arm in track and field kit. They are grant recipients of the Sports 4 Life program

Bras 4 Girls

Bras 4 Girls is our incredible apparel partner. Founded in 2017, Oiselle initiated the Bras for Girls program in response to a 2016 survey by the Portsmouth University “Bra Lab” in the UK. The survey revealed that a significant percentage of girls faced challenges related to breast health and sports participation. Recognizing the need, Oiselle started donating surplus bra inventory to address this issue. Bras for Girls provides girls aged 8-18 in need with new, top-quality sports bras and educational booklets on breast development. Recipient programs encompass sports teams, school initiatives, and community programs, expanding access to sports for girls. Not to mention each girl who will be attending our Spring Workshop will be getting a Bras 4 Girls sports bra!

Girls running outside.

Three Sisters Ministries

In our ongoing commitment to community engagement, TrackGirlz is proud to announce our collaboration with Three Sisters Ministries, a local nonprofit dedicated to making a positive impact, bringing together tasty, affordable and locally sourced food to nourish their community, fostering a connection from the grassroots level. Our core values centre on cultivating a culture of joint support, where collaboration is paramount!

Non perishable food items in a bag.

See you Soon!

As the TrackGirlz Sports Performance Workshop approaches, we’re excited about the collaborative energy from our partners: Dallas Mavericks GEM, Athletic Performance Ranch, Women’s Sports Foundation, Three Sisters Ministries, and Bras 4 Girls. Together, we’re dedicated to empowering girls not just in sports but also in life. We thank our partners, sponsors, and participants for their support. Join us on February 24th for a day of growth and empowerment. Looking ahead, if you’re interested in partnering with us, reach out – together, let’s inspire the next generation of confident and resilient young women!

TrackGirlz Founder, Mechelle Freeman