In athletics, few sports embody the essence of empowerment and resilience quite like track and field. As athletes propel themselves forward on the track, hurdling obstacles and defying limits, they epitomize the spirit of excellence. However, a crucial point often goes overlooked: the underrepresentation and underinvestment in women’s track and field. From record-breaking sprinters to formidable throwers, women in this sport have consistently shattered barriers and redefined the boundaries of achievement. Yet, their journey towards equality and recognition remains has been met with countless challenges.

TrackGirlz has stepped up to make a difference, and minimize the underinvestment in women’s track and field. Our mission is to empower girls through the sport, providing health, academic, and social support. Research shows that track and field participation leads to higher education and improves self-esteem and overall health for girls. As the most participated sport among middle and high school girls in the US, track and field fosters diversity and inclusivity, offering valuable life skills like determination and leadership. Through TrackGirlz, all girls have access to enriching physical activities for holistic development. Below we will list just some of the positive reasons why investing in women’s track and field is necessary.

Girls running on a track in TrackGirlz shirts

Investing in women in track and field is a matter of fundamental fairness and equality. 

Every athlete, regardless of gender, deserves to pursue their passion and achieve their full potential. This is what TrackGirlz is all about! By providing equal resources, support, and opportunities to female athletes, we uphold the principles of fairness and justice that should underpin all sporting endeavors.

Investing in women in track and field is not just a matter of moral obligation; it’s also a smart investment in the future of the sport. 

Women have consistently proven themselves to be formidable competitors on the track and in the field, achieving remarkable feats of athleticism and shattering records previously thought unattainable. By investing in women’s athletics, TrackGirlz not only taps into a vast pool of talent but also inspires future generations of female athletes to dream big and aim high. We want every girl to run after their dreams! 

A number go girls, including TrackGirlz founder, Mechelle Freeman posing on the track

Investing in women in track and field has far-reaching societal benefits beyond the confines of the sports arena. 

Athletics has the power to instill confidence, discipline, and resilience, qualities that are invaluable in all aspects of life. By empowering young girls and women through sport, TrackGirlz contributes to the creation of stronger, more confident, and more resilient communities, fostering a society that values and supports the potential of all its members.

Investing in women in track and field is essential for challenging and dismantling harmful gender stereotypes. 

Too often, women athletes are relegated to the sidelines or overshadowed by their male counterparts. Investing in women’s athletics and providing them with the platform and recognition they deserve sends a powerful message that women are just as capable and deserving of success as men.

Investing in women in track and field is an investment in the future of the sport itself. 

As more resources and attention are directed towards women’s athletics, the sport will benefit from increased visibility, participation, and engagement. By cultivating a more inclusive and equitable sporting environment, we ensure that track and field continues to thrive and inspire future generations.

TrackGirlz doing some sprint drills on the track

Investing in women in track and field is not just a matter of fairness; it has far-reaching benefits for athletes, communities, and society. 

By providing equal opportunities and support to female athletes, we unlock their full potential, enrich the sport, and empower future generations to reach for the stars. It’s time to level the playing field and invest in a future where all athletes, regardless of gender, have the opportunity to shine.

Looking forward

TrackGirlz stands as an example of the impact that investment in girls and women in track and field can have. Through our annual performance workshops, we reach over 200 girls, providing them with essential skills and support. Our grant program, having awarded over $65,000, ensures access to vital resources like uniforms, travel costs, and training equipment, fostering inclusivity and opportunity. TrackGirlz even facilitates mentorship opportunities with Olympians and esteemed figures in the track and field community, empowering girls to pursue their dreams with support and guidance. Their growing online presence, boasting over 40,000 Instagram followers and 20 brand ambassadors worldwide, amplifies our impact and message. The most exciting part? This is only the beginning and you can be part of the change too.