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“Battle of the Divas” – TrackGirlz Matchup of the Week

So the way the Diamond League works is there are a series of track and field meetings set up over the course of five months throughout the globe for one lucky man and one lucky woman to win a diamond trophy (don’t ask me if it is real), a cash prize, and a potential wild card to automatically qualify for World Championships.  Each meet the athletes earn points depending on the place they finish, and the athlete with the highest number of points in each discipline at the end of the Diamond League season, wins!

This weekend kicks off the Diamond League season in Doha.  All of the events will be competitive, but my matchup of the week is the women’s 400 meter dash – 1 lap around the track.  This distance is not for the faint of heart.  It requires a proper balance of speed and speed endurance, meaning you better have those fast twitch muscles in tune and your cardio up to par or that monkey will be planning to jump on your back when you make your way down the last 100 meters.

This weekend is what I call “The Battle of the Divas.  We have Sanya Richards Ross, a diva at heart and 2012 Olympic Gold medalist at this distance who will battle  her Olympic Gold Medal relay counterparts, Natasha Hastings, coined the “400m Diva” and Francena McCorory, a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority whose members are also known as the “Devastating Divas.” McCorory enters this race ranked #1 in the world after a impressive 2014 season, however Sanya just ran 49 seconds last week at the Jamaican Invitational, which is the current world leading time.

Which diva will be this week’s Queen??  #TeamSanya, #TeamNatasha or #TeamFrancena