Throughout the 2017 IAAF London World Championship there were a great amount of notable performances and events that made this year’s championship one to remember. From the retirement of Usain Bolt to the great win by the Great Britain Men’s 4x100m relay, London Championships was definitely worthy of all the hype. The conversations circling these moments are one we will have a hard time forgetting in the near future.

Off the track, there were moments being had that noted the worthiness of track and field. US Olympian and World Championship Bronze Medallist, Tianna Bartoletta, was one of those individuals whose journey to the London was paved with adversity and challenge.

Homeless, three months prior to World Championship is London, Tianna left her home for a chance to escape a life of fear, fighting, and abuse.

In her own words,

“I had to decide which of ALL my belongings were the most important, I had to leave my dogs, I had little money, I still have no actual address, all to give myself a chance at having a life and the love I deserved–one that didn’t involve fear or fighting, threats, and abuse. To stand on the podium today after not even being in the mix for 4 rounds means the world to me.”

Women like Tianna are a example of the freedom and strength that speaking up against abuse relationship can bring. No matter your situation, there is always someone there to help you find peace.

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Tianna’s Instagram post hours after winning Bronze at 2017 London World Championship