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Speed with Purpose

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TrackGirlz is working together with AthleteBiz to provide an affiliate program to support their member female track and field emerging elite and elite athletes.  AthleteBiz is the 501(c)3 platform for fans to find, follow and support the USA’s best track and field athletes. From aspiring Olympians to Olympic gold medalists, from NCAA All-Americans to World Champions, AthleteBiz offers inspiration for fans and empowerment for athletes to creatively support their Olympic dreams.

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The Phoenix Women’s Sports Association (PWSA) is a nonprofit organization that helps girls and women find their power through sports. PWSA reaches out to underserved girls and women to provide them with opportunities to reach their greatest potential by building confidence and self-esteem through participation in sports and fitness activities.  Donations received from TrackGirlz will go directly to scholarships specifically earmarked for scholarships for high school aged girls in pursuit of the sport of track and field in their Phoenix area track clubs.

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HE Pro logo

Hire Ethics Pro, a division of Hire Ethics, provides career and employment consulting & services to elite and professional athletes as they transition from the highest level of competition into their next career.  TrackGirlz will donate towards full and partial scholarships for women and girls of track and field to receive professional services from Hire Ethics Pro, including career, education, scholarship and employment assistance.

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TrackGirlz partners with local and national nonprofit organizations and companies who offer track and field programs for women and girls to pursue the sport, and resources towards their professional and personal development.  A percentage of all profits generated from TrackGirlz apparel and accessories will support female track and field athletes in efforts to support their cultural, health, and educational experiences through the sport.


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